Scher and Bloom family

Rebecca with Dora

Rebecca with Dora   - to see a map of Lithuania with Pandelys location

Rebecca Scher was born in Pandelys (formerly Ponedel) Lithuania 3rd March 1879 and died in Johannesburg South Africa 31st December 1961.She said her maiden name was Bloom which was in fact the maiden name of her mother. Her father was Savil Scher(Scheer Sher) also from Pandelys. Rebecca married Aaron  in Manchester 29th December 1901 and her marriage certificate has the name Rebecca Bloom. Thereafter she always said her maiden name was Rebecca Bloom. In those days children were occasionally registered under the mother's maiden name or perhaps she decided it was better than Scher-who knows?

Michel Scher from Pandelys Lithuania was the father of Savel Scher.

Savel Scher was born 1844 in Pandelys and died 1907 in Riga. He was married to Ella Blum who was born in Pandelys 1846 and died 1928 in Riga. Her father was Meyer Blum from Pandelys.

They had 5 children born in Pandelys. They moved to Riga but I do not have the date od the move.
Sarah born c 1869
Rebecca b 3 March 1879  died 31st December 1961 in Jhb South Africa
Bluma born 1882
Abel b 1884
Rachel b 1890